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Wilson CP Replacement Harness

Wilson CP Replacement Harness

Give your gear a refresh with a Wilson Umpire Replacement Harness. This replacement harness features a neoprene triangular base that keeps you comfortable all game long behind the dish. Extra-long adjustable shoulder and body straps make the harness perfect for umpires of all sizes. Designed for Wilson Pro Gold, Pro Platinum, and Fitted Umpire Chest Protector, this harness is a must-have for umpires ready for the long grind of another season.

  • Adjustable chest protector harness with metal T-Clip closure
  • Long, adjustable elastic straps to better fit all body types
  • Triangular neoprene harness with Wilson Gold “W”
  • Strap Dimensions: Shoulder straps (measured from base): 14", Body straps (measured from base): 19", Total width: 42"

Sizing Chart (Plate Coat Only)

This Chart is for PLATE COAT Sizing Only - Please refer to manufacturer's website for sizing guides on additional product for the time being - Any sizing questions feel free to message us directly at



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