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New Product Release

3-Tone Electronic Whistle by Out West Officials

3-Tone Electronic Whistle by Out West Officials

This is Out West Officials' newest product.

This Electronic Whistle has the following features

  • Simple on/off switch with 3 different tones
  • Sounds is 125dB
  • All black with the Out West Officials Logo
  • Provides a clear and consistent sound
  • Easy to handle with attached lanyard
  • Has push button technology
  • Allows the user to determine the length of the sound
  • Able to use while wearing face-covering for safety
  • Whistle sound can be aimed at the desired direction

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Here at Out West Officials we believe that officiating is more than a hobby or a job, it is a family. And we want our family to know that when you shop with us, you are joining a nationwide effort to improve the game. Without an official, it's only a practice. We want to provide you with the latest in officiating apparel and equipment so that you look great and professional the next time you step onto that field, court, or mat. Here's to you. Thank You for your business, and Thank You for being an Out West Official.

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Welcome to Out West Officials Gear and Apparel. We are here to support officials by officials. We are here to prepare you for the game. From equipment and accessories, to the latest in officiating apparel. The only thing you'll need after shopping with us is your judgement and great timing. Welcome to our Crew.

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