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3-Tone Electronic Whistle by Out West Officials

3-Tone Electronic Whistle by Out West Officials

This is Out West Officials' newest product.

This Electronic Whistle has the following features

  • Simple on/off switch with 3 different tones
  • Sounds is 125dB
  • All black with the Out West Officials Logo
  • Provides a clear and consistent sound
  • Easy to handle with attached lanyard
  • Has push button technology
  • Allows the user to determine the length of the sound
  • Able to use while wearing face-covering for safety
  • Whistle sound can be aimed at the desired direction

Sizing Chart (Plate Coat Only)

This Chart is for PLATE COAT Sizing Only - Please refer to manufacturer's website for sizing guides on additional product for the time being - Any sizing questions feel free to message us directly at