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Smitty Comfortech Cushion Technology Insole

Smitty Comfortech Cushion Technology Insole

  • Smitty’s new insoles were developed and designed specifically for Sports Officials 
  • They feature a gel-like forefoot and built in air pocket for unmatched heel and arch support
  • These two features also combine for ultimate shock absorption
  • The neutral base allows anyone to take advantage of this insole regardless of shoe style
  • Available in Sizes – Trim to fit your size and comfort

      • Small – 7 – 8 ½
      • Medium – 9 – 10 ½
      • Large – 11 – 12 ½

Sizing Chart (Plate Coat Only)

This Chart is for PLATE COAT Sizing Only - Please refer to manufacturer's website for sizing guides on additional product for the time being - Any sizing questions feel free to message us directly at