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Wilson Dyna-Lite Steel Mask Frame

Wilson Dyna-Lite Steel Mask Frame

  • Wilson Black Steel Cage
  • Wilson harness sold separately
  • Facemask pads are optional, for details see available options below. Please note, other facemask pads can be used with the Wilson Dyna-Lite Steel Umpire Cage.
  • Weighs 1.57 lbs with standard Wilson harness

Mask Pad Options

  • Honig's Calf Skin Tan Mask Padding - SKU K47L T
  • Honig's Black Microfiber Mask Pads - SKU K47M
  • Wilson Memory Foam Pads, Black - SKU WMFP B - (WB5721101)
  • Wilson Synthetic Leather Pads, Black - SKU WPSL B -  (WB5721201)
  • Wilson PU/Leather Pads, Black/Tan - SKU WPL BT - (WB5721301)
  • Wilson Full Grain Leather Pads, Tan - WPL T -  (WB5721001)
  • Team Wendy Zorbium® Pads, Black or Tan - SKU K47Z B, K47Z T

Sizing Chart (Plate Coat Only)

This Chart is for PLATE COAT Sizing Only - Please refer to manufacturer's website for sizing guides on additional product for the time being - Any sizing questions feel free to message us directly at